Busy Thursday

Started this morning with a client consultation in Stevenage which went very well.

Once home I got around to using the turbo cleaner on the van, hopefully that will help the problem I had with the turbo and it will start with the engine now instead of taking 5 minutes to start up, will find out tomorrow when I have a gig to do in Stratford.

The new design business cards also arrived today unexpectedly, and I think they look really good having DJC Entertainment on one side and FotoPix on the other, here’s how they look…

Boring Wednesday

Bit of a boring Wednesday, weather is wet so can’t tinker about with the Van although I do have a few little jobs to do on it.

Normally on days like these I usually look at the websites and make changes here and there, but to be honest I can’t find anything to do on them either??

Have been creating templates on the photo booth software ready for 16th November.

Not one to sit and stare at the TV, think I will look at the different forms i use for customers and see if there are any changes I can make there?



Finally both the new starcloth’s have arrived, one for the new dj booth and the other for the dj stand, both multi colour ready for Xmas.

Used the dj booth one on Saturday just gone and had it on sound activate, looked really good so well happy with that one.

Will have to wait until 24th November for one of the smaller venues to try the other one, although it is looking good spread across the sofa…

Busy Wednesday

Had a great play with the new starcloth, very nice indeed.

Client consultation went well earlier today and confirmed a booking later this month.

Also had a couple more confirmations this afternoon so things are going well.

Hoping that the other starcloth arrives earlier so I can have a quick play of it before Saturday where I hope to be able to use it for a gig in a private residence.


Exciting Tuesday

Today I am feeling relaxed as the websites are now finished, bar any updates.

Excited as the new multi colour starcloth system for the new dj booth is due to arrive today, just in time for the weekend.

Looking forward to having a play with it later.

Did also order a starcloth system for the other dj stand, which I use for the smaller venues, which is supposed to be delivered this coming Friday.


Happy Monday

After a hectic weekend it’s nice to have a restful day.

Have been tinkering with the websites www.djcentertainment.co.uk and www.fotopix.fun and think they are just about finished, bar a coupe of pictures here and there.

As always I appreciate peoples opinions and would be grateful to receive them concerning the websites

Thanks in advance if you would let me know what they are.


Busy Week

Been helping out a fellow DJ acting as a Roadie for the past three days.

Tonight I will be dressed as Uncle Fester for the Halloween Party at The Marne Inn, Thorley, think this is going to be a lot of fun.

Hope to see some of you there?