Disaster Friday

Where do I start?

The heating was on and working perfectly well and it reached the set temperature and switched itself off, but as the temp dropped it tried to start up again but kept coming up with an error code.

So now it has to go back to the shop as it does have a 4 year warranty, but the shop is in Blackburn a 4.5 hour journey of just over 250 miles and that’s each way so the total would exceed 9 hours driving and covering some 500+ miles, but I have no choice, I can’t find a courier that can collect it before Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday or Thursday which would mean I wouldn’t get it back before the week after, cannot go 2 weeks without heating, so looks like I got myself a job to do on Monday….I will also purchase another one while I am there just in case.

Then a neighbour knocked on the door and asked about the swimming pool on the front lawn of which wasn’t there 3 days ago. Apparently the maintenance company that usually turns up with 3 or 4 bodies to cut the grass etc manually with petrol mowers etc, turned up 3 days ago with a ride on mower…a big one…somebody said it was the size of a tractor.

Consequently it drove over my postage stamp lawn and sunk, snapping the mains water pipe and then chewed up the lawn with the spinning wheels as he tried to get out of the big hole he created….now I am on a meter so this water that is gushing out is also totting up the ¬£sssss on my next water bill.

Called the housing people , they didn’t want to know and said to contact Affinity Water, so I called the emergency line and was told that they wouldn’t come out as I have to call out a Private company and pay for it because they only act on anything that happens up to the water meter and from the meter to the house is all down to me….I explained that they put the meter in the middle of the road some 100 yards away from the house buried a metre down and covered in a drain cover so how can I be responsible for that when vehicles etc are always driving up and down over the area, but they were unsympathetic and hung up.

Back to the council and after a major row with all sorts of threats, they said they would send somebody out as an emergency, why they couldn’t have done this when I first called I will never know? Anyway, on the way to a gig this evening and the phone rang and it was somebody about the water, but not the right person, the council called an emergency plumber that of course does not deal with mains breaks, he eventually said he would send somebody out to confirm it was a mains leak then he will TRY get somebody out sometime next week….

In the meantime the water will still be flowing through my meter and filling the street and will end up with a huge bill. So I called the council again and said it was totally their responsibility as it was their maintenance team that drove the tractor over my lawn, which I do not understand why as it is Private? I told them that I have photographs of the lawn when it was flat as a billiard table and what it looks like now, a crater in the middle full with water and tyre tracks and chewed up grass, now mud,¬† and I also have witnesses to what happened….so they are in no doubt as to what my intentions are if they don’t do the repairs and give compensation just to pay the water bill until it gets repaired.

So you could say I have had a bit of a day of it and the icing on the cake was getting soaking wet loading up after the gig as it was chucking it down at 2am this morning.

Have a Birthday Party to do tomorrow, please let that go without any problems…..

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