Lighting Rig

I have previously always used the goal post type lighting rig that is part of the dj stand/booth, but as time goes on I am finding this more and more difficult so decided to invest into a winched T bar stand.

I used it for the first time last Saturday and have to say was a lot easier. Although I have a bit of a OCD on this sort of thing I had to let it go a bit and put this to one side of the setup instead of being central, and have to say it made no difference to the display once the lights went down.

I have now attached several different types of lighting to the T bar unit which I couldn’t do with the previous type simply because I was unable to hoist the weight up manually, but with this it is a lot easier, it is slightly lower so have no problems with overreaching and of course the winch does the lifting work for me.

I will get a couple of pics to show this unit over the weekend.


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